HELVI® Starter Digicar 900 12/24V 230

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HELVI® Starter Digicar 900 12/24V 230

Starter DIGICAR 900 – Helvi #99010036 The battery chargers equipped with CPS Safe Car system allow the charge or starting (boosting) of the vehicles in safety mode with the goal to preserve the integrity of both the battery and the electronics on board. Autostar range: Starting (Boosting) function with safety mode. The Autostar range thanks to the CPS _ Car Protection system, allow the boosting of the vehicles in total safety. An electronic control allow to verify the charge status of the battery on board. The boosting start only within certain conditions. The pcb control the output voltage spikes in order to protect the electronics on board. Digicar range: this range has both the safety boosting mode and the possibility to control and set the charge of the batteries in an efficient mode, without disconneting the battery from its terminals. This battery charger is fit to start modern motor vehicles, avoiding the risk of damages to the vehicle electronic devices. Automatic charging and maintenance function. Specs: – Plug: 1 phase – 230V 50/60 Hz – Power: 1200W – Battery: 12 – 24 V – Amp. Eff.: 50 A – Amp. 60335-2-29: 40 A – Amp 1/C: 380 – Rated Ref. Cap.: 600 Ah 15h – Dimensions (LxWxH): 320 x 487 x 745 – Weight: 35 kg

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HELVI® Starter Digicar 900 12/24V 230


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